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What is commercial waste?

Commercial or business waste is derived from a business premises that’s used predominantly for trade, sport, entertainment or recreation.  It does not encapsulate industrial or household waste; only waste created from any type of commercial activity.

Commercial waste also incorporates refuse created following gardening and building work on a residential property, providing the individual undertaking the work is not the homeowner.

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4 top tips for businesses undergoing a site clearance

Prior to the commencement of any new building or landscaping work on your premises, it is vital that the current site is cleared thoroughly and with safety uppermost in mind.

It’s important that you comply with all relevant health and safety legislation to ensure any waste is removed and transported with the utmost care to ensure disruption to the wider environment is kept to an absolute minimum.  Although you will need to be thorough in your preparation, your chosen site clearance contractors will no doubt undertake a risk assessment of your premises themselves, ensuring their staff are aware of the on-site dangers before the hard work begins.

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How to classify the different types of waste your business produces

Before any waste a business produces is retrieved for recycling and disposal, it needs to be classified to enable waste transporters and recyclers such as ASM Metal Recycling to determine how to handle it whilst being disposed of.

As a business with commercial waste, your responsibilities and duty of care are to sort and store waste safely and securely whilst you wait for its collection.  For every load of waste that leaves your premises it’s important to make a waste transfer note that’s easily accessible should your local council or the Environment Agency ask for proof of its disposal in the future.

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Understanding Grades of Copper Scrap

Copper is among the most valuable metals available when it comes to scrap collection and recycling.  With an infinite recyclable life, copper is used and reused in motors, computers, construction, industrial machinery and more.  Whether you’re a collector or dealer of scrap in a hobbyist, part-time or professional capacity, a reliable method of sourcing quality copper scrap is a great thing to have.

However, the prices you can get depend largely on the grade of scrap copper that you carry.  As different recycling centres and scrap dealerships tend to have their own prices based on their own classifications, it’s a good idea to know precisely what sets copper grades apart, as well as which of them provides the best overall value.

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Metal recycling guide

Metals recycling is an increasingly significant contributor to environmental and manufacturing health in the UK.  Local spaces are protected from discarded debris, a huge workforce is kept in employment and energy is routinely saved through the support of the UK metals recycling industry.

For these reasons we’ve assembled the following guide - utilising our industry expertise - on everything to do with metal recycling.

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