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What metals can be recycled?

Over 400 million tonnes of metal is recycled each and every year, processing ferrous and non-ferrous metal scrap into valuable secondary raw materials for the smelting of new metals.

Metals suitable for recycling are generally sorted into two separate groups: steel and aluminium. The simplest way to determine the type of metal you have is to conduct a simple magnet test. Steel is magnetic and will stick to a magnet but aluminium is not. Some metal products will feature a symbol, such as an alu mark, to give you a clear indication of the metal it is made from.

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What is scrap metal?

Put simply, scrap metal is the combination of waste metal, metallic material and any product that contains metal that is capable of being recycled from previous consumption or product manufacturing. Whether it’s vehicle parts, building supplies or surplus project materials, scrap has tremendous monetary value; so much so that the UK’s metal recycling industry is now worth upwards of £5.6 billion.

Scrap metal can originate from commercial and residential use. Whether it’s ferrous or non-ferrous metal, the processing of this into vital secondary raw material for the smelting of brand new metals is absolutely key.

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Where to sell scrap metal

The metal recycling industry is now as well-known as it’s ever been. Indeed, according to the British Metal Recycling Association, it’s currently a £5.6 billion industry, employing over 8,000 people and making a substantial contribution to the UK balance of trade. Worldwide, over 400 million tonnes of metal are recycled each year.

But, those are more universal terms. Where should you, as someone with scrap metal to buy or sell, go first?

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Metal offers real energy potential

Researchers in both Canada and the UK believe that metal powders could be used as a genuine long-term potential replacement for fossil fuels.

The findings came from the team at McGill University as well as a European Space Agency scientist in the Netherlands, and have been detailed in the Applied Energy Journal.

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What are different metals used for?

If you’re new to the world of metal recycling, the amount of different metals and their uses might be a bit surprising: it’s very easy to forget just how much goes into our day-to-day lives behind the scenes!

We thought it would be interesting to take a look at the uses of different metals in the day-to-day. As well as being informative, it will also give you some idea as to which metals you have in your possession that could be worth trading in!

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