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Scrap my car Dunstable

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There are a lot of reasons to scrap a car.  Whatever yours is, it’s important that you get the prices you deserve.

Scrap your vehicle with ASM

If you’re in the Dunstable area and need to scrap your car, then ASM is ready and waiting.  Whether your car’s been written off by your insurance company or has simply reached the end of the road, we’ll give you a great price.

Abandoned end-of-life vehicle

We’ll get in touch with the DVLA to notify them that the car is no longer on the road and, we’ll ensure that the vehicle is scrapped in accordance with recycling law.

All you have to worry about is bringing the car to us or contacting us to arrange to have it collected.

If you’d like to find out more about our services, give us a call now on 01582 742 942.  Or, you can simply arrange collection by filling in the form here.