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Scrap my car Watford

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There are many reasons your car might need to be scrapped.  Perhaps it’s been written off by your insurer, or is simply going to cost more to repair than it’s actually worth.  It might just be that it’s reached the end-of-life.

Scrap your vehicle with us

If you’re based in the Watford area and need to scrap your car, then we’re ready and waiting for your call.  We have a number of recycling centres across the south of England ready to accept your car.

Premature end-of-life vehicle to be re-sold as repairable

If you’re unable to bring it to us, our fleet are available to come and collect it: just fill in the form here to get a quote.

Needless to say, the car will need to be recycled in accordance with the legal requirements, and the DVLA will also need to be notified that the car is no longer on the road.  However, we’ll take care of all of that: all you need to do is arrange the collection.

Whatever the reason for scrapping your car, our Watford-based service can help.  Give us a call today on 01844 268 940 to find out more.