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Alloy Wheel Recycling

Did you know, if you are replacing the alloy wheels on your vehicle or your vehicle has reached the end of its working life and will be scrapped, the alloys can be recycled.

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At ASM Metal Recycling, alloy wheels are one of our staple components from end-of-life vehicles (ELVs) that we recycle.  Most modern-day vehicles have alloy wheels and at ASM we recycle alloys of all sizes, styles and weights.

What are alloy wheels?

Since the 1960s, alloy wheels have been used in vehicles, designed to give motorists better handling at higher speeds.  As vehicles became increasingly faster due to technological developments, high-performance vehicles required lightweight alloys to improve responsiveness at the wheel and improve safety levels for drivers and other road users.

The combination of aluminium and magnesium created alloy wheels that were not only safer, but more aesthetically pleasing to the eye.  The blend of these two metals also offered greater durability and resistance to corrosion over time.

What you need to know about recycling your alloy wheels

As the name suggests, alloy wheels are made of a combination of many different metals and today that’s not just aluminium and magnesium.  With a plethora of different compounds used by various manufacturers and alloy wheel brands, recycling alloy wheels is by no means a simple process.

The process begins by having to separate each type of metal from contaminants firstly by cutting them down into smaller pieces.  The use of magnetic separation can separate any iron particles from the pieces.  Chemicals are then used to discover additional metals present within the alloys, the most common of which are chromium and molybdenum.

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Why recycle your alloy wheels with ASM?

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