Scrap My Car in High Wycombe

If you’re in the High Wycombe area and need to scrap your car, ASM are ready and waiting to help.

Scrap your vehicle with ASM

Vehicle stroage racks full of cars

You’ll need to do is get in touch with the DVLA to let them know that your car’s no longer on the road. We’ll take it from there, ensuring that the car is scrapped in total accordance with the legal regulations.

We’re happy to collect from anywhere in the High Wycombe area. Alternatively, feel free to bring the car to one of our recycling centres if you’d prefer.

To arrange a collection (and to get a quote), please use the quote form here.

Sell Your Car

Best prices paid on any car!

All cars wanted, including MOT failures and non-runners.  We offer prompt collection and immediate payment.