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Aluminium Recycling

At ASM Metal Recycling, aluminium recycling is one of our most popular services.  Thousands of tonnes of this unique metal pass through our doors each year.

Old rolled aluminium

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What you need to know about recycling aluminium

Aluminium recycling is tremendously effective and beneficial to the environment.  Indeed, it’s estimated that 90 million tonnes of CO2 are saved each year as a result of re-used aluminium.

It also requires 95 per cent less energy to recycle aluminium than it does to produce the metal from scratch – that’s a tremendous saving and one which can have a significant impact on the wider environment.

Unlike some other metals, aluminium doesn’t wear away in its lifetime.  This means it can be continually recycled, potentially infinitely.  Around 75 per cent of the one billion tonnes of aluminium produced in history is still being used in the world, much of it having been recycled many, many times over.

Even something as small as a recycled drink can generates the following:

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How aluminium is actually recycled

The aluminium recycling process is fairly simple, and is as follows:

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