What is CHAS accreditation?

As you might have seen, ASM Metal Recycling is certified by the Contractors Health and Safety Assessment Scheme (CHAS). It’s also quite likely that you won’t know what this means.

So, we’re going to take a look at CHAS, what it aims to achieve and why it’s important.

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How to Sort Metal for Scrap

Various rusted scrap metal items

There are many reasons to start recycling your scrap metal. It’s extremely good for the environment, and it can be a great way to earn a bit of extra money from items that would simply be lying around your house collecting rust and dust.

You could turn your scrap into good money quite easily by selling to a local scrap metal yard like ASM Metal Recycling. Recycling metal is much cheaper than mining new metal, so scrap is in high demand within the industry. Yards like ours always prefer customers to have sorted their scrap before they come to us – it makes our job easier, and will get you a better price.

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How to classify the different types of waste your business produces

Before any waste a business produces is retrieved for recycling and disposal, the different types of waste need to be classified. This classification of waste process enables waste transporters and recyclers, such as ASM Metal Recycling, to determine how to handle the waste while it is being disposed.

As a business with commercial waste, you have a duty of care to sort and store waste safely and securely whilst you wait for its collection. For every load of waste that leaves your premises, it’s important to make a waste transfer consignment note. This should be easily accessible should your local council or the Environment Agency ask for proof of its disposal in the future.

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What is WEEE waste?

Household cable

Waste electrical items can have a harmful effect on the environment as well as animal and human health. The WEEE regulations aim to reduce the potential impact of waste electricals in landfill by encouraging recycling, minimising waste and incentivising the production of more environmentally friendly products.

The WEEE regulations are a producer compliance scheme that makes those that generate new products responsible for the safe recycling and recovery of end-of-life waste electrical and electronic equipment.

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Can iron be recycled in the UK?

Pile of rusted scrap metal

Iron is one of the most widely recycled metals in the world, and in the UK iron is in high demand for its scrap value. Find out more below about the constituents of iron, how iron is recycled, what common items it is found in and where you can recycle iron in the UK.

Iron is a ferrous metal. In fact all ferrous metals contain iron of some sort. Cast iron and wrought iron are known for their tensile strength and durability. Other ferrous metals include engineering steel and carbon steel. Iron is sought after because it can be used to create other metals like steel, which is an iron alloy. Globally, iron and steel are the second and third most recycled ferrous metal. In fact, between 25% and 100% of all steel products contain recycled content.

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