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Will Brexit Affect Scrap Metal Prices… Might Prices Go Up?

With the UK now set to leave the European Union by 31st January 2020, questions are increasingly being asked in the scrap metal industry as to what the impact of Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s Brexit deal will have on scrap metal prices.

Selling your scrap metal for recycling can be a handy little earner, particularly if you’ve recently cleared out your home or workplace and discovered a large volume of waste metals that could be reused to ease the burden on the wider environment.

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All about aluminium recycling

Old rolled aluminium

The aluminium recycling industry is increasingly important to the UK’s economy in terms of manufacturing, protecting the environment, and more. Read on for more detail in this special ASM Metal Recycling guide to aluminium, covering everything you need to know on the subject.

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Can lead be recycled?

Close-up on container of scrap lead metal

Not only is lead a recyclable metal, it possesses some of the highest recycling rates of all materials commonly used today.  In fact, more lead is now produced through recycling than mining.

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WEEE Recycling Guide

Household cable

WEEE Recycling has become an increasingly vital part of the waste and recycling industry. This guide, by ASM Metal Recycling, explains everything you need to know on the subject.

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The World of Metal Recycling: The Facts

Scrap metal recycling

How much do we really know about the metal recycling world?  A competitive and established industry spanning the entire globe, it’s quite a complex subject.  However, there are a lot of statistics out there worth highlighting, especially to show the sheer value that metal recycling as a whole brings to the world.

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