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If you are a metal merchant or tradesman, getting the best scrap metal prices is your number-one priority. At ASM Metal Recycling, we offer highly competitive rates for ferrous and non-ferrous scrap metals, allowing you to sell your unwanted iron, lead, brass, copper, aluminium or stainless steel for money in your back pocket. In turn, we do our bit for the wider environment by recycling all your unwanted scrap materials using only the latest processing technologies.

As Aylesbury’s leading scrap metal specialists for more than 55 years, we’re committed to giving our customers across Buckinghamshire, Bedfordshire and beyond the fairest price for any collections of scrap metal. We use state-of-the-art digital scales to accurately weigh your metals and give you an up-to-the-minute price that’s in line with the rest of the scrap metal industry.

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What determines scrap metal prices?

The price of scrap metal is determined by:

How grading of scrap metal effects price

Scrap metal prices are also affected by the grade of the metal. If you want to get the best price for your scrap metal, sorting it into types of metal and grading it will help you determine how much it should make you when you sell it.

For example, if you have a mixed lot that consists of various metals and they are in different states of cleanliness, it isn’t going to make you as much money as a separate batch of each type of metal, cleaned up as much as possible. However, different recycling centres and dealers may have their own system for classifying and grading scrap metal, so it’s not an exact science.


Copper is one of the more valuable scrap metals and worth more if it doesn’t have excessive patches of corrosion. Read our handy Understanding Grades of Copper Scrap post to see each type of copper and how it’s graded.


Food and drink cans made of aluminium are commonly a low grade – but the cleaner they are the better. Sheets of aluminium must have all screws, trims, and insulation removed to be considered a higher grade and should contain under 5% of other metals. Discover the Benefits of Aluminium Recycling.

Stainless steel

As with aluminium, stainless steel achieves a higher grade when it is clean and contains 5% or less of any other metals or materials. Learn more about steel grades with our helpful grade guide.

Supply and demand on scrap metal prices

As with so many commodities and goods, the concept of supply and demand weighs heavily on the value of scrap metal. Interestingly, the pace of the UK construction industry can play a part. When the industry is slow, the demand for scrap metals will decline, affecting the value of the materials. At the other end of the spectrum, when things pick up, scrap becomes a more precious commodity.

Location on scrap metal prices

The location of a scrap yard can also play a part in the prices of scrap metal offered. Those yards in proximity to ports and larger cities capable of transporting scrap metals overseas will have fewer overheads than a more rural, inland yard. But by the same token, if a scrap yard is situated in a rural area where scrap metal is harder to come by, the yard may be more willing to pay a premium to take it off your hands.

Quantities of scrap metal on price

If you are looking to sell your scrap metal, it’s likely that you will have greater leverage in terms of value if you have larger quantities available. Generally, scrap dealers will be keener to buy your scrap if they can acquire it in bulk themselves, reducing the overall cost per kilogram. If you are willing to hold on to your scrap metal until you have a bulk amount you may get a better price.

Ferrous and non-ferrous metals pricing differences

Ferrous metals contain iron. They tend to be less sought-after by metal recyclers, but they will still recoup some value if you have large enough quantities. The most valuable scrap metals for recycling are non-ferrous. Common non-ferrous metals include:

How to test if a metal is ferrous or non-ferrous

The easiest way to determine if your scrap metal is non-ferrous or ferrous is to test if the metal sticks to a magnet. If it does, it is a ferrous metal.

How to get the best scrap metal prices

There are a few key things to understand when trying to get the best price for your scrap metal:

  • How the global and domestic scrap metal markets relate to one another
  • The current supply and demand
  • Calculating the scrap metal’s price per kg

The relationship between global and domestic scrap metal markets

It’s not only the domestic scrap metal market which influences the price of scrap metal, the international market plays a key role too. As the UK is one of the five largest exporters of scrap metal on the planet (estimated value at over £5.6 billion annually), it’s unsurprising that the prices charged for scrap metal globally will influence the value of scrap metal in your local scrap yard.

As scrap metal dealers, we scour the markets and monitor up-to-date rates, which allows us to keep up with the latest trends and offer you the best value price for your metals.

How to calculate scrap metal prices per kg?

The current prices for scrap metal will be per kg. 1 tonne of scrap metal = 1000 kg, so if the price per kg is £3, that’s £3,000 per tonne.

Contact ASM about scrap metal pricing

At ASM Metal Recycling, three of our recycling depots purchase a comprehensive range of ferrous metals, including scrap cars. You can sell ferrous light iron, heavy scrap and cast iron at our depots at Aylesbury, Kings Langley and Totternhoe.

Meanwhile, our Westpoint recycling unit also purchases non-ferrous metals, including all the non-ferrous materials discussed in the paragraph above.

For significant quantities of scrap metals, we offer a collection service. We’ll send a team of expert professionals to pick up and transport the metals to our approved depot, where we use the latest processing technology to dispose of and recycle your materials. You can focus on receiving payment for your scrap!

Contact us at one of our depots today to find out more about our scrap metal services.