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Collection services

Clearing even hazardous sites safely

We offer the following types of vechiles and containers:

Skip lorry

It’s a legal requirement to have a license before you clear anything classed as hazardous waste, whether it’s tyres, asbestos, or batteries.

Luckily, we’ve got those licenses at ASM Metal Recycling, as well as the equipment needed to clear sites quickly and easily.

20 yard RORO container

You don’t need to have hazardous waste, of course.  We regularly work with a number of local authorities to help clear away the work of fly-tippers.

Our grab lorry is equipped with a ‘grabbing’ arm capable of reaching into those areas that a full vehicle simply can’t access.  It can reach into the trickiest pots, and easily lift away any scrap you want removed.

We will come in and take away anything you don’t need anymore.  Whether it’s an old static caravan, damaging asbestos or a pile of scrap metal, we are licensed waste carriers and our site is registered to accept hazardous waste in line with current legislation.

If you want to know the value of your metal or you’d like to discuss site clearance, contact us on 01296 33 77 11.

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