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How to classify the different types of waste your business produces

Before any waste a business produces is retrieved for recycling and disposal, it needs to be classified to enable waste transporters and recyclers such as ASM Metal Recycling to determine how to handle it whilst being disposed of.

As a business with commercial waste, your responsibilities and duty of care are to sort and store waste safely and securely whilst you wait for its collection.  For every load of waste that leaves your premises it’s important to make a waste transfer note that’s easily accessible should your local council or the Environment Agency ask for proof of its disposal in the future.

When arranging for waste contractors to collect and manage your business waste you’ll need to include the following in your description:

The five different types of waste classification

* denotes hazardous waste.

Construction and demolition waste

Insulation and asbestos
Building materials
Bituminous mixtures, coal tar and tar
Metallic waste, including cable
Soil, contaminated soil, stones and dredging soil
Paints and Varnishes
Adhesives and sealants

Packaging waste and recyclables

Clean packaging
Other clean material (unmixed)
Mixed clean material (inc. packaging)
Empty packaging contaminated with residues of hazardous substances
Empty packaging contaminated with residues of non-hazardous substances

Electronic and electrical equipment

Lightbulbs and lamps
TVs, laptops, tablets and smartphones
Fridges, freezers, chillers and air-conditioning units
Other white goods
Other devices

Vehicle and oily wastes

Hydraulic oils
Engine, gear and lubricating oils
Insulating and transmission oils
Interceptor wastes
Fuels, brake and anti-freeze fluids
End-of-life tyres
Vehicle components including oil filters
Brake pads
Car batteries
Catalytic converters
End-of-life vehicle wastes
Contaminated materials

Healthcare and related wastes

Offensive waste (non-clinical)
Plaster and other non-infectious wastes
Waste medicines
Sharps and related waste
Anatomical waste
Bagged clinical waste
Laboratory chemicals and photochemicals

* denotes hazardous waste.

If you’re looking for a licensed and reputable recycling company to collect and transport your metallic business waste in line with current legislation, make sure that you give ASM Metal Recycling a call on 01296 33 77 11.

We’re members of the British Metals Recycling Association and are a fully-approved Contractors Health and Safety Scheme provider – we do everything by the book to ensure all your hazardous waste is transported safely and responsibly to our approved recycling site.