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Where to sell scrap metal

  Monday, 30 May 2022

The metal recycling industry is now as well-known as it’s ever been. Indeed, according to the British Metal Recycling Association, it’s currently a £5.6 billion industry, employing over 8,000 people and making a substantial contribution to the UK balance of trade. Worldwide, over 400 million tonnes of metal are recycled each year.

Frequently, scrap metal dealers work with customers who handle metal daily, such as construction companies or electricians and plumbers who need to dispose of large quantities of trade materials. However, they also welcome homeowners and other individuals who have scrap metal to sell. Working with registered scrap metal dealers means you can make money and recycle your scrap metal in the correct place.

Can I accept cash for scrap metal?

It is illegal to be paid cash for selling scrap metal, even if it’s from your home address. The scrap industry is a cashless trading regime, so if any buyer or seller offers cash, do not continue the deal as there are firm laws in place regarding scrap metal trade, and you can be prosecuted if you don’t follow them.

You should always look for a dealer who is fully registered and is compliant with the Scrap Metal regulations. Any scrap metal dealer you’re working with should have a Scrap Metal dealers license.

Do I need identification to sell scrap metal?

You will need to present one of the following when selling scrap metal:

  • A photocard driving license (this needs to have your address on it).
  • Your passport and one of the following supporting documents:
    • A utility bill (not a mobile phone bill)
    • A bank or building society statement
    • A debit or credit card statement
    • A council tax letter.

Get the better prices

It’s vital to ensure that you get the best possible prices from your scrap metal dealer. Unlicensed scrap metal dealers may target people looking for a quick sale. Not only is it illegal, but by offering speed and ease unlicensed vendors may also be buying your metal for far less than it is worth.

ASM Metal Recycling always offers the best possible, up-to-date costs. As metal prices change frequently, we encourage our customers to get in touch with our team so we can give them an accurate price at the time of purchase.

Call ASM Metal Recycling today

If you’re looking to sell scrap metal, get in touch. We’re genuine specialists in the industry and always offer the very best prices.

If you think you might have some scrap metal that might be worth selling, get in touch. At ASM Metal Recycling we buy a huge range of ferrous and non-ferrous scrap metals at any one of our four local depots. Discover more here about the scrap metals we buy in our collection process.

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