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Guide to tyre recycling UK

The importance of tyres to your daily life can easily be overlooked, even though they’re vital in getting your vehicle from A to B – whether it’s the early morning commute to the train station or a quick dash to the supermarket.  You’d be forgiven for not having a second thought for your old tyres when they’re replaced.

Since they were banned from landfill sites, the British public has been left with no choice but to recycle waste tyres.  For context, it is also estimated that roughly 1 billion tyres reach the end of their life in one year – not exactly an insignificant amount!

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Can lead be recycled?

Not only is lead a recyclable metal, it possesses some of the highest recycling rates of all materials commonly used today.  In fact, more lead is now produced through recycling than mining.

With innate properties such as softness and malleability making it highly valuable and usable in a wide variety of applications, lead lends itself perfectly to reuse.  Recycled lead is no different from newly-sourced metal in terms of quality and can often be reused without limits.  Additionally, lead-based products are easily identified, allowing for a relatively simple collection and recycling process.

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WEEE Recycling Guide

WEEE Recycling has become an increasingly vital part of the waste and recycling industry.  This guide, by ASM Metal Recycling, explains everything you need to know on the subject.

‘WEEE’ is an acronym standing for ‘Waste Electric and Electronic Equipment’.  This definition applies to all end-of-life electrical and electronic equipment (generally anything with a plug or battery), divided into either household or non-household WEEE.

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The World of Metal Recycling: The Facts

How much do we really know about the metal recycling world?  A competitive and established industry spanning the entire globe, it’s quite a complex subject.  However, there are a lot of statistics out there worth highlighting, especially to show the sheer value that metal recycling as a whole brings to the world.

The positive contribution of metal recycling in the UK is not to be understated!  The sector is a significant net contributor to balance of trade in the UK, helping to save vast amounts of energy, protect the environment and support a force of at least 10,000 British workers.  It is estimated that around 10 million tonnes of scrap metal are recycled in Britain every year.

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Scrap metal for cash: the law

Major changes were made to the Scrap Metal Dealers Act 1964 in 2013, with legislation revised to create a new criminal offence. Under the current law:

The aim of the change in regulations was to cut down metal theft – a low-risk, high reward enterprise for many criminals and less-than-scrupulous dealers.

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